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Our Manique Brand

IWF was established as a second business in 1963 by Ian Wilton. 

Already running a successful international trading business, he wanted to experiment with various commercial ideas and to allow him to develop a business trading only in things that interested him.

Following Ian's principles various successful business ideas were tried over the years.  Whilst sourcing alternative cargos for ships sent around the world that were returning less than full, Ian came across magnesium carbonate. Chalk for gymnasts.

While visiting gym clubs to show them the quality of the chalk, Ian was asked if he could supply hand protection for gymnasts with sore hands. So we made our first handguards (grips) and followed with other products and imported other makes.

In the 1980s son Neil Wilton, came to the business to help developing the product range. Today we are the only UK manufacturer of A Bar, High Bar and Ring guards. Designed and developed in our rural factory in North Northumberland, we have a range of products nobody else makes like us. Sent around the world the internet has allowed us to go further afield with our sales - as far as the USA and Australia.

Today the tradition continues but we remain a family firm with family values. If you're not sure that friendly reliable service still exists in today's marketplace, order from us and be refreshingly suprised.

Neil Wilton